To Fricassee Mushrooms

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Another 18th century recipe from “The Universal Cook”[1]. This one titled “To Fricassee Mushrooms.”

To Fricassee Mushrooms, recipe

This seemed pretty simple, plus I love mushrooms. And it would go just perfectly with the braised lamb chops I was making for dinner. I opted not to add the cream, and I added a bit of grated nutmeg rather than small pieces that I would have to remove later. And again keep in mind that the onions they are talking about were small, around two inches diameter.

And of course, this recipe has one of my major annoyances. They give (some) measurement for the minor ingredients, but no mention at all of how much of the major ingredient. It’s quite common though, so you learn to wing it.

J. W. Francis Collingwood, The Universal Cook. R. Noble, 1797.

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