Cheese Biscuits

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If you are American, you have probably already pictured Red Lobster biscuits. Sorry, these are not those kind of biscuits. In England, and often back in the day in America, biscuits referred to thin, crisp baked goods, like today’s American cookies and crackers.

These more closely resemble today’s commercial cheese crackers. So, why would you make them yourself? Well, for one, they’re surprisingly easy. And also, they are lighter in texture, flaky, and you get too choose the type of cheese in them. (In fact, you get to to be sure there actually is cheese in them.) And frankly, they taste a lot better.

The only change I have made to the recipe is to convert the volume measure of cheese to the far more accurate weight measure.

By the way, this is by far my favorite title name of a cook book.

From: Quick Cooking, a Book of Culinary Heresies[1]

Cheese Biscuits, recipe

Flora Haines Loughead, Quick Cooking: A Book of Culinary Heresies. G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1891.

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