This is a listing of odd or obsolete ingredients. Or old names for ingredients still common. Things you may come across in old recipes.

  • Chyan pepper – Cayenne pepper
  • Eschalot – Shallot
  • Hartshorn – In the medieval to renaissance period, this was literally produced from antler, and is an ammonia-based leavening agent used in thin breads/biscuit. This was replaced later by ammonium carbonate, but may still be referred to as hartshorn or “volatile”. Ammonium carbonate, aka Baker’s Ammonia is still readily available.
  • Saleratus – An early form of baking soda. Substitute 1-1/4 tsp of making soda for each tsp of Saleratus required.
  • Verjuice – A juice made from unripe grapes. Very acidic. It is fairly common in 16th century and earlier recipes. You can still find this if you look hard for it. Otherwise, you may have to substitute lemon juice or vinegar, but it will definitely change the flavor.
  • Volatile¬†– See “Hartshorn”
  • Yeast Powder – This is not¬†yeast. It is a name used for an early baking powder. Substitute baking powder.