Gingerbread, from the Reynolds Ledger

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This recipe comes from the Reynolds Ledger, a handwritten book of late 19th century recipes.

Gingerbread, recipe

Typical of the time, and for this book, the recipe is just a list of ingredients. There is one issue with the recipe though that I believe to be just an error on the author’s part. It calls for cream of tartar, but no soda. And with molasses, the cream of tartar is definitely not needed. So, I’m assuming this should have been 1 teaspoon of saleratus. That would be consistent with similar recipes in this book, and of the time.

With no other alterations, this produces a light and delightful gingerbread with good ginger flavor.

Gingerbread, Reynolds Ledger

And of course, this just cries out for fresh whipped cream.

Gingerbread, Reynolds Ledger

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