Puffets for Tea

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This is basically a late 19th century muffin recipe with a bit more sugar. Certainly a nice addition to afternoon tea.

For those not familiar with muffins of the 19th century and earlier, these are not the kind of muffins cooked in modern muffin pans. For these, think English Muffins or crumpets. They are “baked” in rings on a flat griddle. Before the late 19th century, these almost always used yeast to make them light. In the 19th century, as baking powder and baking soda became more accepted, we see them used in muffin recipes.

Puffets for Tea, baking

And of course, here is the typical early recipe, with about zero instructions.[1]

Puffets for Tea, recipe

I reviewed a few other similar recipes to put together the instructions for this one.

The texture on these comes out very similar to pancakes, which is hardy surprising, given the similarity of the recipes. They made a nice breakfast with a bit of homemade apricot preserves.

The New American Cookbook. Springfield Ohio: Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, 1897.

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