Arbolettys (Medieval Scrambled Eggs)

The name may be unusual, but the recipe for Arbolettys(1) will seem pretty recognisable. Basically, it’s fancy scrambled eggs. The author credits the recipe to “Take a thousand eggs or more”, c. 1420. But there’s no doubt it’s been adapted for modern use.

For medieval and renaissance reenactors, I recommend the author’s site,, it’s full of modern translations of recipes from throughout the time period. She also publishes a book of those recipes, “Saffron, Eggs and Almond Milk” that I also recommend.

Galingale is a spice not used much in American cooking. It sort of tastes like a peppery ginger. If you want to get some, try Penzey’s Spices.

Anonymous 2012. Arbolettys. Let hem boyle… [Source]

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