Apple Custard Pie

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This pie is unusual by modern standards, but I have seen similar recipes in several 19th century cook books. It’s essentially an applesauce pie topped with custard. I first made this pie because it just intrigued me, and it sounded pretty good. After the first one, my only question is “why did this stop being common?” I’ve made several since then.

Apple Custard Pie

This recipe is from The Successful Housekeeper[1]:

Apple Custard Pie Recipe

Yes the apple part is just plain applesauce, though reduced a little to thicken it. And yeah, if I was in a hurry, no question I’d just throw 3-4 cups of applesauce in a saucepan instead of cooking down apples. After that, it’s just a dead-standard custard poured over the top, then bake it.

But the simplicity of the ingredients distracts from the genius of it. It’s a very tasty pie, and it has lots of potential for modification. Want to spice up the apples? Sure, why not? Maybe some lemon peel grated in it? OK. Some raisins soaked in rum? … uh, gotta go, I think I need to make another pie.

M. W. Ellsworth and F. B. Dickerson, The Successful Housekeeper. Harrisburg, PA: Pennsylvania Publishing Co, 1887.

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